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Mortar : Any of varied bonding supplies Employed in masonry, surfacing, and plastering, Specially a plastic combination of cement or lime, sand, and h2o that hardens in place and is utilized to bind together bricks or stones

تطبق أحكام هذا النظام على جميع الأراضي والأبنية ومشاريع الإعمار ضمن حدود منطقة التنظيم المقررة وترسي أحكامه على أي شخص طبيعي أو معنوي.

‏"عُنصُرٌ مِعمَارِيٌّ مُستَدِيرُ القِطَاعِ يُزَيِّنُ أَحيَانًا أَركَانَ الدَّعَائِمِ الَّتِي تَحمِلُ الأَسقُفَ وَيَكُونُ مُلتَصِقًا بِهَا"‏

‏كَلِمَةٌ فَرَنسِيَّةُ الأَصلِ وَهِيَ لَوُنٌ بُنِّيٌّ خَفيفٌ بِهِ صُفرَةٌ‏

Majolica ware : Tin-glazed earthenware that is usually richly colored and decorated, Specially an earthenware of this sort created in Italy; less than influence of Islamic art it absolutely was extensively spread during the Renaissance.

Hybrid : The offspring of genetically dissimilar mother and father or inventory, In particular the offspring produced by breeding plants or animals of various types, species, or races. find more information This perception is likewise found in arts.

المكان site العام : المكان المباح للجمهور دخولة أو التواجد فيه واستعماله بصورة عادية try this web-site أو عرضية.

وَلَهُ أَشكَالٌ مُتَعَدِّدَةٌ بِحَسَبِ الأَغرَاضِ أَو لِطَبِيعَةِ مَوَادِّ البِنَاءِ‏

With solar path lights for instance, you may line the walkway towards your front door in below an hour or so. Basically plant them into the bottom lining The trail and revel in.

‏هِيَ نَبَاتُ إِبرَةِ الرَّاعِي الَّذِي اُتُّخِذَت أَورَاقُهُ عَنَاصِرَ لِلزِّينَةِ عِندَ الإِغرِيقِ وَاِنتَقَلَت إِلَى الفَنِّ الإِسلَامِيِّ‏

‏"سِكِّينٌ يَستَخدِمُهَا النَّقَّاشُونَ وَالمُبَيِّضُونَ فِي التَّعَامُلِ مَعَ أَلوَانِهِم وَمَعَاجِينِهِم"‏

Awaken early to fish our rivers and streams, or enjoy as unusual birds consider flight along considered one of the biggest migratory passages in North The us. And inside our parks, every day routines All year long demonstrate have a peek at these guys the ideal of every of our gorgeous 4 seasons.

Batik : Means of decorating fabric applied for hundreds of years in Indonesia. With melted wax, a design and style is placed on the cloth (cotton or, sometimes, silk), and that is then dipped in great vegetable dye. Parts coated by wax do not get the dye and Show a light sample around the colored floor.

‏تَرصِيعُ بَعضِ المَوَادِّ مِثلَ الخَشَبِ بِمَوَادٍّ أُخرَى great post to read كَالعَاجِ أَو الصَّدَفِ أَو نَحوِهِمَا‏

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